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Course Introduction

In this training, you will explore the basic functions and applications of AI. With the help of Techman Robot TM AI+, you will be introduced to two major functions of AI: Classification and Detection.

During the lectures, you will be instructed to gather your own samples and create an AI training project. At the end of the lectures, you will also use your AI training project to execute an AI prediction.


Brought to you by The World's Second-largest Collaborative Robot Brand

Units of Curriculum

Established in 2016, Techman Robot has offered collaborative robots with embedded visual systems, software and application-based solutions to the market, through more than 100 distributors in the US, China, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. Techman not only focuses on the quality cobot manufacturing but also develops the new stand-alone solutions including Palletizing operator, 3D bin picking. Additionally, Techman is also one of the pioneers to implement AI based vision function to the production.

In just three years after launching, Techman has become the world's second-largest collaborative robot brand with rapid expansion into the global market.

Dual Certification


To be eligible for the Dual Certification,  course participants must attend at least 80 percent of the courses to be awarded the certificates.

TM AI+ Certificate Requirement for course completion
  • Create an AI training model (Use student name as project name)
  • Complete at least one AI inference using the AI training model(Including Evaluation and Prediction). Please screenshot the Prediction result as proof.
  • Complete at least 80% of the courses.
  • Complete the satisfactory survey with average score 4 or higher
  • Complete the written exercise and AI training exercise with average score of 80 or higher
TM AI+ Certificate recognizes the follow abilities:
  • Understands the basic functions and applications of AI
  • Able to gather AI samples with its techniques
  • Familiar with using the TM AI+ Classification function
  • Familiar with using the TM AI+ Detection function
Being awarded a certificate of completion not only helps the recipients be given the priority of getting an internship or job offer at the headquarter of Techman Robot in Taiwan, but also makes them have a better chance to get a job interview and become one of Techman's overseas distributors.

Class Table (English Course)

Module Topics Hour Teaching Method Tools
1 Introduction
-TM AI+ Introduction
-AI AOI Introduction
1Hr Online Course CoreLab
2 Image Sampling
-Sampling: AI Classification
-Sampling: AI Detection
-Sampling Techniques
-Import Images
3Hr Online Course CoreLab
3 Classification and Detection
-AI Classification Editing Method
-AI Detection Editing Method
4Hr Online Course CoreLab
4 Advanced AI project parameters
-Sampling Configuration
-Batch Size Configuration
-Epochs and Training Steps
1.5Hr Online Course CoreLab
5 AI Project Inference
-Project Evaluation
-Project Prediction
-Course Exercise Instructions
1.5Hr Live Stream Google Meet

Instructor Biographies



  • Techman Robot Application Engineer
  • Techman Robot Certified Lecturer
  • Lecturing Topics:
    • TM Robot Basic Training
    • TM Robot Advanced Training
    • TM AI+ Certified Lecturer

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